AIxCC News (10-26-23)


Funded Track Update: DARPA AIxCC SBIR Re-opening for Proposals

On October 26, 2023, the DARPA Small Business Programs Office (SBPO) re-released
topic HR0011SB20234-17, Artificial Intelligence Cyber Challenge (AIxCC) for proposal
submissions. We understand that some potential proposers raised a concern about the
requirements of the AIxCC Funded Track Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
solicitation. After further review of the AIxCC Funded Track SBIR requirements, DARPA
identified an opportunity to provide additional clarity to all potential proposers,
including those who submitted a timely proposal by the original due date of October 3,
We invite you to review the clarifying points within the amended solicitation at
Release 11”), and in the updated Rules and FAQs on
For firms that who have already submitted a proposal:
Proposers who submitted a timely proposal by the original due date of October 3,
2023 have two options:
  1. Take no action and have the previously submitted proposal evaluated as is.
  2. Submit a revised proposal.
Firms can make edits at any time during the amended open period but must ensure that
the proposal is recertified and resubmitted by November 9, 2023 at 12:00 pm ET.
Proposals that are unlocked for revision by the proposer and not recertified and
resubmitted by the deadline will not be considered submitted and will not be evaluated.
As stated above, you can take no action and the proposal will remain as it was for the
original October 03, 2023 submission.
For firms who have not yet submitted a proposal: We have extended the deadline for
submissions beginning today, Oct. 26, 2023. The deadline to submit a proposal during

this limited extension is Nov. 9, 2023 at noon ET.

Open Track Updated Registration Timeline

As a result of the Funded Track extension, the Open Track registration will take place
December 1, 2023 through April 30, 2024.



Voices from DARPA Podcast Episode 73: “The AI Cyber Challenge – CTF, Code, and
Critical Infrastructure”

Ahead of the AIxCC Open Track registration period, which begins December 1, 2023, this episode of Voices from DARPA features Perri Adams, DARPA’s program manager for the competition. Adams shares the backstory for the AIxCC, discusses who she wants to compete (and why), and what’s at stake for cybersecurity. Adams is joined by AIxCC collaborators – OpenSSF’s general manager Omkhar Arasratnam and OpenAI’s head of security Matt Knight – who discuss their roles in the challenge and impart advice to potential competitors. Access the full episode from any of the following links:


Coming Soon
Scoring Algorithm Request for Comments

Later this year, we will share the scoring algorithm for the Artificial Intelligence Cyber Challenge Qualifying Competition (AQC). AIxCC competitors will be evaluated according to the scoring algorithm. To ensure that the competition is fair and high quality, DARPA will solicit feedback from the community about the objectives and the  design of the AIxCC scoring algorithm. This release will coincide with a Zoom information session. We’ll provide additional details ASAP.


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