Congratulations to the Small Business Track winners

  • Shellphish, Shellphish Support Syndicate
  • Trail of Bits, Trail of Bits, Inc.
  • Zellic
  • LACROSSE, Smart Information Flow Technologies (SIFT)
  • 42-b3yond-6ug, Net Shield LLC
  • VERSATIL, GrammaTech, Inc.


Newsletter 4-19-24

AIxCC News (4-19-24) Announcements ASC Procedures Scoring Guide v3 Visit the ASC Procedures and Scoring...

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Newsletter 3-29-24

AIxCC News (3-29-24) Important Announcements AIxCC Releases Updated Rules, Exemplar Challenge, and ASC Procedures and...

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Challenge News and updates

Featured News Items:

DARPA official outlines what a winning AI Cyber Challenge system could look like
Inside Defense (3-27-24)

Ransomware can mean life or death at hospitals, but DEF CON hackers have a plan
The Register (3-26-24)

DARPA’s Focus on ‘Manipulated Media’ Lays Out Technology for Combatting Disinformation and more
The Cypher Brief (1-2-24)

On Point: Q&A With Stefanie Tompkins
Signal (1-1-24)

Kathleen Fisher: DARPA and AI for National Security
The Gradient (12-21-23)

What Does AI Need to Conduct Automated Code Review at Scale?

President Biden Issues Executive Order on AI: Here’s What It Does
PCMAG (10-30-23)

Voices from DARPA Podcast Episode 73: The AI Cyber Challenge
DARPA (10-20-23)

North Korea experiments with AI in cyber warfare: US official
VentureBeat (10-18-23)

Perri Adams on DARPA’s AI cyber challenge
CyberScoop’s Safe Mode podcast (10-12-23)

DARPA Turns to AI to Secure Cyberspace
MeriTalk (09-08-23)

Cyber Leaders Exchange 2023: DARPA’s Perri Adams on evolving the use of AI to secure cyberspace
Federal News Network (09-15-23)

DARPA’s Perri Adams on CTF hacking, new $20M AI Cyber Challenge
Security Conversations (08-20-2023)

Biden-⁠Harris Administration Launches Artificial Intelligence Cyber Challenge to Protect America’s Critical Software
The White House (08-09-2023)

DARPA launches two-year competition to build AI-powered cyber defenses
TechCrunch (08-09-2023)

Hackers to compete for nearly $20 million in prizes by using A.I. for cybersecurity, Biden administration announces
CNBC (08-09-2023)

U.S. taps cyber pros to develop AI cybersecurity tools
Axios (08-09-2023)

DARPA Launches Prize Competition for Best AI-Powered Security Software
The Messenger (08-09-2023)

DARPA sponsors competition for AI innovation and cybersecurity
SC Magazine (08-09-2023)

DARPA Launches Two-Year Contest to Build AI Tools to Fix Vulnerabilities
Dark Reading (08-09-2023)

DARPA, White House launch $20M AI, cybersecurity challenge
Breaking Defense (08-09-2023)

DARPA offers $20 million in prizes, support to developers of AI for software security
Inside Cybersecurity (08-09-2023)

DARPA tells AI world: Make a model that secures software, there’s $25M in it for you
The Register (08-09-2023)

Uncle Sam Needs Your AI Help, and DARPA Will Hand Out $20M to Make it Happen
PC Mag (08-09-2023